The first book for learning English while having a good laugh

Can we really live without speaking English? Yes, probably, but one of the most widely spoken languages in the whole world is becoming more and more vital, both for professional and personal fulfilment. When we work, we play, we enjoy our favourite free-time activities and even when dining in a restaurant abroad or when buying something on-line, some language proficiency would sensibly help. Even too often, especially during an International trip, we can count only on our legendary “art of getting by”, relying too much on typical Italian gestural expressiveness and some wrong pronunciations probably heard on TV.

What can we do about it? The author’s mission is to reach a variegated audience of readers with different school backgrounds, fueling their creativity and imagination, only to find the winning “formula” and the very personal successful approach to studying and then speaking and writing in such a vital foreign language.

"Parlare Inglese senza saperlo" (Sarnus,2016) is available in all Italian bookshops and on-line

ISBN 9788856301946

Copyright Sarnus 2016

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